The best way to support MORP’s program work is to become a SUSTAIN-A-TREE member! Click on the yellow apple!  If you are a business, learn how to become a Sustain-a-Tree business member.

When you become a  Sustain-a-Tree member you join a dedicated group of people reaching out each month to preserve Colorado’s fruit growing heritage. Together, we can be the sustaining-core keeping Colorado orchard country.

Choose to sponsor a tree at either the historic Gold Medal Orchard, the Dolores Community Heritage Orchard, the Orchard Hub or all three! We will send you a link to your sponsored tree’s name and description. You may also sustain a tree in honor or memory of a loved one. Just let us know when you give.

Monthly donations of:
$10 or more = Teaches 30 or more students how to graft.
$25 or more = Provides 10 or more heritage fruit trees for donation to community, school, and conservation orchards.
$50 or more = Maps and documents 2 historic orchards and their associated histories.
$75 or more = Pays 2 days labor to train and deploy a team of MORP volunteers into historic orchards to prune or harvest.
$100 or more = Preserves 1 rare heritage fruit variety from extinction. It would take just 80 members at this gold medal level to fully support MORP’s preservation work allowing it to spend more time in orchards and less time on fundraising.

Planting a young apple graft at the historic Gold Medal Orchard