Mobile Juicing Service

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project + Apple Core Project = Your Mobile Juicing Team!
Holy Moly! If we cannot eat all these apples then let us DRINK them = Pure & Local Apple Juice!

Why Mobile Juicing?

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project has worked persistently to rebuild the critical infrastructure needed to store and process the region’s previously wasted heritage fruit into a value-added product. As a result, small family farms that have not had reliable markets for their orchard crops in decades now can receive revenue from their fruit, incentivizing them to manage their orchards and plant new trees. These heritage orchards are irreplaceable building blocks for a restored economy based upon the legendary quality and diversity of Montezuma Valley Fruits.

Our Service

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project and the Apple Core Project have teamed up to offer Mobile Juicing Service to farmers, orchard owners, cider makers, and other local enterprises located in SW Colorado and the Four Corners Region. We offer both pasteurized and non pasteurized juicing service. Pasteurized juice is packaged into 5 liter juice boxes for retail sales. Non pasteurized juice is pressed directly into totes/tanks for hard cider production.

Pasteurized juice production for retail sales requires a facility approved for manufactured food processing (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plan/HACCP). MORP currently has three approved sites including its own Orchard Hub location at 13751 Road 29, Dolores, Colorado. Please see price list below for processing apples and pears. We can also process other fruits including grapes and berries, and stone fruits such as peaches, cherries, apricots, and plums. Those prices are TBD so please contact us with questions:

MORP can service a 100 mile radius from Dolores, Colorado. One hundred bushel minimum to travel to site. Pasteurized juice for retail sales requires a HACCP approved location. For distances greater than 100 miles or to discuss HACCP approval, please contact us:

When harvesting your apples:

  • Harvest from tree or shake onto clean tarp. No ground falls allowed.
  •  Apples must be clean – free of dirt, manure, leaves, twigs, or rot, and harvested into clean boxes or crates (see our Harvest Lending Supplies). For apples being used for pasteurized juice boxes vs an ingredient for fermented cider, do not harvest where there is fresh manure and livestock. Follow GAP practices. We will reject receiving any deliveries of apples that have signs of not meeting these conditions.

Apple & Pear Juicing prices

  • Pasteurized juice boxes when YOU provide the apples, 5 Liters: Quantities 20-less than 100 bushels per customer: $7.50 per box; Quantities 100 bushels or greater per customer: $6.50 per box. $1 per box discount when using your own boxes with design approved by MORP. For qualities less than 20 bushels, attend a community juicing day in October. Go to our events page to see if one is coming up. Suggested retail price: $20-25. WHERE TO PURCHASE
  • Non pasteurized juice when YOU provide the apples pressed into own totes/tanks: $2 per gallon for quantities less than 400 bushels per customer; Quantities of 400 bushels or greater per customer: $1.50 per gallon.
  • Non pasteurized juice when WE provide the apples pressed into your own totes/tanks: $6.50 per gallon for quantities less than 400 bushels per customer; Quantities of 400 bushels or greater per customer: $5.50 per gallon.
Dear Apple Juice Lover,

Your every sip of pure and local heirloom apple juice directly supports our joint missions to preserve Colorado’s fruit growing heritage and restore an orchard culture and economy to the southwestern region.

We work to promote fruit tree preservation through mapping, identifying, grafting, planting, documenting and connecting local resources for preservation.

By providing mobile juicing services to area farmers, we help to build a market for previously un-harvested fruit in this very juice you drink.

Thank you for your support. Together we are the dedicated CORE keeping Colorado “Orchard County”.

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project
Apple Core Project

Ingredients: Pasteurized, unfiltered apple juice
Processed and Packaged by: Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project
Pulp can naturally occur and may settle. Shake if desired.
Two month shelf life after opening.
Refrigerate after opening.
Keep box in pouring position once opened to prevent air from entering the bag.