Montezuma Valley Apple Market Study

The market has returned for Montezuma Valley Fruits with consumers desire for the taste and heritage our local apples represent. Click links below describing market opportunities and challenges in the following documents 1) Montezuma Valley Apple Market Study, 2) Needs Assessment for Mobile Juicing Unit, 3) Feasibility Study for Mobile Juicing Unit, 4) Business Plan for Producing Apple Juice with a Mobile Juicing Unit, and 5) Mobile Juicing Service.

Apple Market Study - January 2018

Click to access Apple-Market-Study-January-2018.pdf

CapLog - MORP - Needs Assessment - Final - Updated Jan 17

MORP Feasibility Study - Feb 5 2018 copy 2

Click to access MORP-Feasibility-Study-Feb-5-2018-copy-2.pdf

Finalrev - MORP Biz Plan - Mar 26

Mobile Juicing Service

Mobile Juicing Service
Mobile Juicing Service