COLORADO is Old Orchard Country

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Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project (MORP) works to preserve Colorado’s fruit- growing heritage and restore an orchard culture and economy to the southwestern region.

MORP envisions southwestern Colorado being renowned for an orchard culture and economy based on the legendary quality and diversity of Montezuma Valley Fruits.

Remnants of Colorado’s early fruit diversity remain in our rural and urban landscape. The trees are hidden or right in plain sight – sometimes forgotten, and other times revered by the families who always remembered. MORP is dedicated to preserving this fruitful legacy.

Please join us in keeping Colorado “Orchard Country”.  The best way to support our  work is to become a SUSTAIN-a-TREE member by making a monthly donation of $10 or more, or become an annual recurring member here. You can also make a yearly one time donation of $30 or more at the red apple button in the sidebar or mail a check payable to MORP at the address below. Your membership is tax-deductible. 

Members receive discounts on workshops and hand-grafted heritage apple trees. Sign up for our newsletter (at sidebar) to know about upcoming Orchard Socials and workshops; learn how to prune and graft; learn what is growing here; connect to the living history!   (970) 565-3099     POB 1556, Cortez, Co 81321