Colorado Orange apple

Support MORP’s preservation work by bidding to own a rediscovered Colorado Orange apple. MORP will ship this item within the United States when the tree becomes dormant in mid November. Winners in the region may schedule for local pickup within two weeks of auction end. Please make your bid in increments of $20 or more. Coupons do not apply to auction items. Payment must be made within 7 days of winning bid.


 The rediscovery of this apple is told hereThe originator of the Colorado Orange apple, Jesse Frasier of Fremont County Colorado, described it over 100 years ago, “It is the longest keeper I know and of excellent quality.” Historically described as large, round, oblate, slightly ridged at the calyx, stalk medium length, basin shallow; Yellowish-orange color with blush where exposed to the sun; flesh light yellow, exceedingly firm, yet very crisp; a rich, high aromatic, sub-acid flavor, most exceedingly juicy; in fact, in flavor and quality it is distinct and peculiar to itself, differing widely in both these characteristics from any other known apple. It is palatable in December and improves from then on to July.

Tree is grown on Malus domestica standard sized seedling rootstock. This is what trees were historically grafted on. These will be large trees that will grow for a century or more due to their cold hardiness and drought tolerance. Plant 25 feet or more apart.