unique unknown, “mily008”


Unique unknown “mily008” heritage apple tree. MORP will hold your purchase for up to two weeks. No refunds, credit only. Local pickup, no shipping. Schedule pickup time at morporchard@gmail.com


A very old, large tree growing in the historic Miller orchard in Weber Canyon, Mancos, Colorado. Its owner calls it “Big Tree by Garden Corner”. Its apples are large, with russet dots, and delicious to eat. Likely good for many purposes. Photo of apple was taken on Oct 9.

DNA does not currently match anything in the dataset, confirming it is rare and special. Results show that its parents are American Summer Pearmain x Winesap. What a great combo!  Please grow one in your backyard or orchard so we can get to know its apples again.

This is one of MORP’s endangered Guardian Trees. We encourage you to grow it and add it to Fruit RegisTREE to help with our preservation efforts.

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