He’s On A Mission To Save Heritage Apples

Farm Show Magazine: Jude Schuenemeyer and his wife, Addie, are on a mission to save heritage apple varieties unique to southwestern Colorado. Their Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project (MORP) seeks out old orchards and harvests scion wood for grafting and replanting, sometimes just in the nick of time. Read more in Farm Show Magazine.

Farm Show Magazine, 2012 – Volume #36, Issue #3, Page #22

note: The Colorado Orange apple mentioned in this story DNA tested to be a York Imperial. Any MORP mention of a Colorado Orange prior to 2018 is York Imperial. Here is an updated story on MORP’s experience seeking the elusive Colorado Orange. Any MORP mention of a Colorado Orange after 2017 is “likely” a rediscovered Colorado Orange apple.

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